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Dr Metronome (en)
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Sound Pedometer GPS (en)
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Piano R (en)
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Twicecast Radio(en)
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Voice Press (en)
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P5 (en)
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Tropf Musik(en)
Tropf Musik(jp)
Live Music Coder M^2 (en)
Live Music Coder M^2 (ja)
Synchronicity (en)
Synchronicity (ja)
Twicecast Live!(en)
Twicecast Live!(ja)
Ear Test3r (en)
聴力テスタ E3(ja)
dot E ++ (en)
dot E ++ (ja)
M^2 OSC (en)
M^2 OSC (ja)
Melody Mail (en)
メロディメール (ja)
Dr M. Vibration (en)
Dr M. Vibration (ja)
Dr Metronome.01(en)
Dr Metronome.01(ja)
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We currently discontinue development.

Apple iOS Application List 2016

Musica Marker
C Tones Learning

Old Application Information below
-> DEVELOPER'S BLOG (en,de) the latest news

Apple iPad Application List

"M^2 OSC" in English
"M^2 OSC" in Japanese
"dot E ++" in English
"dot E ++" in Japanese
"P5 : Perfect Pitch Practice Piano Pro" in English
"P5 : 音感養成ピアノ Pro" in Japanese

Apple iPhone and iPod Application List

"Beat Stop Camera" in English
"Beat Stop Camera" in Japanese
"Dr Metronome.01(ZeroOne)" in English
"Dr Metronome.01(ZeroOne)" in Japanese
"Dr Metronome Vibration" in English
"Dr Metronome Vibration" in Japanese
"Melody Mail" in English
"メロディメール" in Japanese
"Ear Test3r" in English
"聴力テスタ E3" in Japanese
"Twicecast Live!" in English
"Twicecast Live!" in Japanese
"Dr Metronome:Synchronicity" in English
"Dr Metronome:Synchronicity" in Japanese
"Live Music Coder M^2" in English
"Live Music Coder M^2" in Japanese
"Tropf Musik.electronica" in English
"Tropf Musik.electronica" in Japanese
"Voice Press" in English
"Voice Press" in Japanese
"Twicecast Radio" in English
"Twicecast Radio" in Japanese
"Piano R" in English
"Piano R" in Japanese
"Sound Pedometer GPS" in English
"足音歩数計 GPS" in Japanese
"Perfect Pitch Practice Piano" in English
"音感養成ピアノ P4" in Japanese
"Music Calc:Ongaku Dentaku" in English
"音楽電卓:Mu Calc" in Japanese
"Dr Metronome" in English
"Dr Metronome" in Japanese

- Lite Version -
"Dr Metronome Lite"
"Sound Pedometer Lite"

- Simple Vorbis Player -

We tested Mac OS X ver.10.6.4.
Basically this tool is for our test of Twicecast Live!. This is without any warranty.

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