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-Configuration Area

Oct slider : octave value from -1 to 9 (default 3)
Hz slider : standard pitch from 428.00 to 452.50 (default 440.00)
touch value to retrieve default
BPM slider : beat per minutes from 60 to 240 (default 120)
touch value to retrieve default
Temperature slider : temperature value from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius(default 15)
This value makes an effect on standard pitch (Hz slider) based on formula of 'frequency = speed of sound / wavelength' and speed of sound below

- Advanced function Area
"timer" button : start / stop 0.01 second timer
"now" button : display the current second since 00:00:00 Jan 1st 1970
"rand" button : display random number from 0 to ([Oct slider value] + 1) x 12

- Convert Area
"MIDI" , "Hz", "cent " segment : convert a value (MIDI note number, tone pitch) mutually
    define zero cent as -1C(-1 Oct C) when standard pitch is 440.00Hz.

"dec","duo","hex","unix" segment : convert a value (decimal, transformatinal duodecimal, hexadecimal, unix time) mutually

note: This calculator has decimal-based input and various display mode.
Transformational duodecimal means tone name appears only the first place (e.g. 4C#)

- Operation Area
"m->sec" button : convert meter to second based on the speed of sound from formula ' 331.5 + 0.61 x [Temperature slider value] '
"sec->m" button : convert second to meter ...

"x beat/sec" button : multiplication with [BPM slider value] / 60
"x sec/beat" button : multiplication with 60 / [BPM slider value]

"CL" button : clear all result

- Value Entry Area by Music Symbol
note duration value (second) based on BPM
tone name buttons represent MIDI note number or pitch (frequency or cent value based on standard pitch) according to selected segment of "MIDI","Hz" or "cent".

If you press tone name button more than four times continually, enter the search mode of all interval twelve tone row. Furthermore if the latest three intervals of tone name you have pressed satisfy a condition of the rule of all interval twelve tone row, show a sequence of numbers of all interval. This is special mode. An ordinary calculating function doesn't work. To exit this mode you press "CL" button.
By "+", "-" button you can select a variation. To press tone name again, show tone name sequence as the start of pressed tone.

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