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Twicecast Radio

- new feature for Twicecast Live! http://ip address/live.ogg is Twicecast Live! stream. When playing this, touch 'URL http://' then launch Twicecast Live! if installed it. - bug fix
- add ad banner
- support Ogg Vorbis stream. (44.1kHz Stereo, 22.05kHz Mono only) e.g. http://domain:port/sound.ogg (require extention .ogg)

44.1kHz Stereo : ordinary ogg stream rate in the icecast directory. http://icecast.org
22.05kHz Mono : our iPhone application 'Voice Press' rate.

This is internet radio player for mp3/ogg file on web server (Podcast etc) and mp3/ogg stream audio (SHOUTcast, Icecast etc), but is not ordinary one. Streaming URLs are provided via Twitter.
You need to find stream URL yourself and then tweet its URL to Twitter with the following format.(post to Twitter except by this app)

twicecast://<Stream URL> <Message>

 (These are set apart by a space.)
Sample here : http://twitter.com/twicecast

URL is stream (e.g. http://domain/sound.mp3, http://domain:8000/), not playlist(e.g. *.pls, *.m3u).
Twitter timeline becomes playlist. Not only timeline(playlist) you posted, but also Twicecast has the function which search Twitter public time line by keyword '#Twicecast' ,so many mp3 streaming stations Twicecast users tweeted will apear in your list.

Feauture :
- search stream URL and message from twitter public and user timeline.
- add new user timeline.
- save URL and message to 'My List'.
- edit URL and message.

Twicecast work on simple streaming play architecture above, therefore it has potential abilities.
For example the generation of URL by using with web service...

Display icy-description and icy-url in mp3 stream. You can access website of icy-url in App.(by 'information' tab)

Advertise or share your station!

About ICON :

My list icon and public time line icon is yellow. Yellow icon means default item. you can't delete or edit it.
Blue icon means user's item. you can add, delete and edit.

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