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THIS APPLICATION IS FOR 600MHz CPU device (iPHONE 3GS, 3rd Generation iPod).

Voice Press is sound recording and playing back application with OggVorbis codec.

OggVorbis sound format has the characteristic of both high compression rate and high quality.
Voice Press records voice etc. and converts into OggVorbis format. Then you can download it quickly as .ogg file using web browser or WINAMP etc. You can access the displayed IP address which is 3G network and/or WiFi network. (We have tested the download of  the sound files using 3G network only in Japan.)

Voice Press is very useful for long-time recording of business meeting or interview because the file size is small. It saves disk space on iPhone and file download time.

Sampling rate : 22.05kHz mono.
File Size : about 12MByte / 1 hour.

After donwload you can edit it using Audacity which is sound file editor on Mac, Windows, Linux and so on.

# Compress and Express Voice.

feature :
- When interrupted by call during recording, not only save file but also if you don't answer, restart recording automatically.
- You can send Email to notify sound file URL. It is possible to download this sound file during playing or recording.

Record Screen

- Level Section

Recording Level : adjust it by using slider with seeing the level meter.

- Recording Section

Rec / Pause button :  It toggles. Start or pause recording.

Clear button : Clear the current recorded sound data. Reset time.

Save : Save the current recorded sound data and go to Play List.

Past time : Display the current time from recording start.

- Server Section

status : Display of server status.
    'Waiting'  - Waiting for start of service.
    'Listening'   -  Waiting for access from PC.
    'Connecting' -  Sending data to PC.
    'Unavailable' - Service is unavailable.

[NOTE] If the status is 'Unavailable', exit Voice Press and please attempt solutions below.

1. Change Wi-Fi setting. (from on to off/from off to on).
2. Access any website by Safari once.
3. Reboot iPhone.

access from: Display of client PC IP address.

URL :  To access here from client PC web browser. Play List appears.

URL Slider : Change sound file path from 1111 to 9999 for security.

on/off selector : Start / Stop server.

Play List Screen

Display a part of file name, the past time and the number of times played sound file (count one per entering to Play Screen and playing sound).

file name color : Specified on the Play Screen.
red color of the past time : When interrupted by call.
Edit button : You can delete the file.

Play Screen

mark selector : Set marking color to the play list to make the list easy to classify.

description : Describe the explanation of sound data etc.

save button : Save the description.

URL : To access directly to iPhone from client to download the sound file.

mail button : Send Email to notice the sound URL.

date : Display recording start date.

time : Display the time required to record.
[NOTE] There is max +/- 2 seconds margin of error.

size : Display the size of the recorded sound file.

seek position selector :

    replay - next play from top.
    repeat - next play from last play start position.
    continue - next play from last play stop position.

seek slider : Move play start position.

Play / Stop button : It toggles. Start / Stop playing the sound file.

File list page on web browser

You can download sound files and see the information.

[NOTE] About breaking off the download, if a client application (web browser etc) doesn't break connection, Voice Press will be waiting for coming data.  So you need to make server off. (In the case of Safari, Firefox on Mac.  Firefox , IE, WINAMP on Windows break connection, so you don't need it.)


Ogg Vorbis http://www.xiph.org/ http://www.vorbis.com/
WINAMP http://www.winamp.com/
Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

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