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Beat Stop Camera

Beat Stop Camera is new concept simple camera, can take continuos pictures on beat grid and convert to stop-motion movie.

To take a picture, you press anyone of three buttons assigned to beat sound.
After stop shooting some pictures, movie preview screen appear.
You can save the movie generated by continuos pictures with beat sound on tempo to camera roll.

Shooting screen
- Start/Stop button : Start/Stop shooting
- Setting button : Move to setting screen
- Shoot button (BassDrum, SnareDrum, Hit! ) : Take a picture
- Rest button : Forward a beat grid (Skip sound)

Setting screen
- Tempo : 60 - 140 BPM
- Beat : 8beat or 16beat (Change beat grid)
Hi-Hat Sound: on/off (Add Hi-Hat Cymbal Sound on grid or not)
- Sound Test : Listen to beat sound

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